This is my old school portfolio, please continue to my new portfolio site. Thanks!

★ Libretto

Goal: The future of retail      Role(s): Concept, Design, Animation

An animated prototype of a fictional smart phone app that utilizes image recognizing technology to help the tech-savvy opera connoisseur get information and buy tickets with efficiency and style.

Spring 2010 | College | Photoshop CS5 | Cinema 4d | After Effects CS5 | Grande Valse Brillante by Chopin

★ Chromatrope

Goal: A futuristic application      Role(s): Concept, Design, Animation

A fictional, futuristic app for the iPad, giving the user complete control over the style and color of their wallpaper. Includes access to a plethora of real paint colors and designer wallpaper patterns. I wanted to provide an easily understandable color sorting and editing system and marry it with the fun, shiny graphic style of iPad apps.

Spring 2010 | College | Photoshop CS5 | After Effects CS5 | Samba do Parroquet by Bola Sete

★ Avalon Biomedical

Goal: A data visualization      Role(s): Concept, Design, Animation

A theoreticial visual database of zombie outbreaks. It also features a simulation capability to simulate containment of previous outbreaks as well as user-made ones. This top secret database would be available to Avalon Biomedical staff only.

Winter 2009 | College | Photoshop CS5 | Cinema 4D | After Effects CS5 | Julie and Candy by Boards of Canada

★ Our Forest

Goal: An informative Flash-based site      Role(s): Concept, Design, Coding, Animation, Illustration

I investigated a variety of flash based websites that relied heavily on user interaction to determine the type of immersive environment I wanted to create. Once I had decided on the topic — forest conservation — and my audience and style, the rest came down to gathering inspiration and creating assets that fit together cohesively. I wanted to create a cohesive environment with all my elements: art, tweens, interactions, etc.
Live Site is here!

Fall 2009 | College | Photoshop CS3 | Actionscript 3.0

★ Jezebel

Goal: A dynamic typography piece      Role(s): Concept, Design, Animation

I wanted to emulate type treatments like the opening credits of Se7en and Dexter, as well as explore the biblical context of the song.

Winter 2009 | College | Photoshop CS3 | After Effects CS3

★ pxlB Cafe

Goal: The workplace 2020      Role(s): Concept, Design, Animation
Team: Alicia Foor, Ryan Dixon, Jennifer Patel, Andrew Peek, & Stephanie Kalnoske.

Working with a group of designers and developers, this animation provides the background to our solution for the workplace 2020. We believe that the rise in telecommuting will lead to the consolidation of office space. Office buildings will cease to exist, but the need for human interaction will rise. The pxlB Office Cafe would provide the space, technology and jobs to address these new issues. I aided in concept and UI development with the group, and created the final UI design, as well as this explanatory animation. This solution was created as an interactive exhibit.

Winter 2010 | College | Illustrator CS5 | After Effects CS5 | Would That it Were by Tack Till

★ Synesthesia — Treta Yuga

Goal: An immersive 3D experience      Role(s): Concept, Design, Animation, 3D Modelling, Sound Design

I wanted to create an infinitely repeating space, based loosely on the six senses and the Brahma cycle, as well as experiment with Cinema 4D's Mograph.

Spring 2011 | College | Cinema 4D | After Effects CS5

★ Vitamin T Work: Starter Upper, Career Path Infographic

Goal: Create content for Vitamin T's blog, Vitabytes      Role(s): Concept, Design

Tasked to create content for Vitamin T's blog, Vitabytes, I was on board to design a fun web app called the Starter Upper, and an infographic illustrating the possible trajectories of a digital career.
I was given full creative lead on both projects, concepting and designing the functionality of the Starter Upper, and the illustration style and video game metaphor of the Digital Career Infographic.

Summer 2011 | Live Work | Photoshop CS5

★ Healthymagination Challenge

A long scroll showcase of the five seed winners of GE's Healthymagination Challenge. The goal was to create templates that could be applied to each winner and their assets, as well as fit into GE's design while the same time seperating the Healthymagination Challege as its own entity. Live Site

Winter 2012 | Live Work | Photoshop CS5

★ Red Bull Super Cuts

Goal: To showcase Red Bull's video catalog in an interactive and social way      Role(s): Concept, Design

A proposed video editor to utilize Red Bull's intense and extensive collection of high quality video footage, making it both easier to navigate and more engaging to their fans.
For the first round of comps, I was tasked with creating a visual style and showing the video editor's capabilities. For the second round, my design was approved and I worked off a set of wireframes with the intent that the site would eventually go live.

Summer 2011 | Pitch | Photoshop CS5